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The answer to the question is NO! These two berries have been often compared but are not in the same family. Gooseberries belongs to the Ribes Family and comes from shrubs with fragrant flowers and colorful fruit. Goldenberries also comes from shrubs and are night shade plants (Solanaceae Family) much like the tomato, potato, and eggplants. Goldenberries have been called Cape Gooseberries and are orange and color. Let's break down the differences!

GOOSEBERRIES: scientific name is Grossulariceae (Ribes Family). These berries are tart and mildly sweet in flavor and is indigenous to Europe and West Asia and are closely related to currants. The Gooseberry can be green, purple, yellow, or black in color. This tasty fruit contains high amounts of Quercetin and Quercetin contains anti-inflammatory properties. Gooseberries are not poisonous, however the leaf of the gooseberry can be be harmful if over consumed. The leaf contains hydrogen cyanide which can be found in axel seeds, flaxseeds, and apple kernels, you can eat the leaves and also make teas but be careful not to over=consume.

Benefits of the Gooseberry:

  • High in vitamin C 10 times that of a Lemon

  • may aid in digestion

  • beneficial for skin

  • may help improve vision

  • assist with managing blood sugar levels

  • may help liver function

  • strengthen lungs

  • may eliminate unnecessary fat from the body

  • eliminates bad breath

  • may assist with bronchitis and asthma symptoms

  • increase hair strength and growth

Possible Side Effect: None for the actual berry but leaves can be harmful if over-consumed.

Picture below Gooseberries

GOLDENBERRY: scientific name Physalis Peruviana and are not considered a true berry. The Goldenberry belongs to the Solanaceae family and is a night shade shrub. Indigenous to the high altitudes of the tropical Andes region: Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador.

These berries are usually orange in color and is wrapped in paper like husk called calyx, sweet and tropical taste mimics the taste of Pineapple and Mangoes. Goldenberries are often called Cape gooseberries, Incan berry, and pichuberry.

Benefits of Goldenberries:

  • High in anti-oxidants

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

  • immune boosting properties

  • may benefit bone health

  • may improve vision

Possible side effects:

  • unripe goldenberries can be poisonous, contains solanine a toxin naturally found in night shade vegetables. Solanine can cause digestive upset and in very rare cases can be fatal. It is best to eat fully ripened goldenberries that has no green parts.

Pictured below Goldenberries

So, as you can see these berries are very different, although they have some similar benefits and are often mistaken to be the same, they do not belong to the same family and are indigenous to very different regions of the world.

We here at Yemoja's Child encourage you to do some more research on these beautiful God given powerhouse plants, there are so many other benefits not mentioned in this Blog. You may find one or both of these berries used in Tea Blends, Yoni Steam, and in hair/skin products.


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