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Image by Drew Jemmett


The Peacock Ore stone is one of my favorite stones to carry and have in my home. The Peacock Ore got it's name for the array of colors it has, resembling the colors in Peacock feathers. The colors range from pink, gold, purple, blue and green, the colors come from the corrosion of iron and contains iron also. Peacock Ore is a Chalcopyrite and is mostly copper mineral based, Chalcopyrite is a Greek word meaning Pyrite, Copper, and Strike Fire. Chalcopyrite stones are found in Mexico, Peru, and Australia.

Peacock Ore has many benefits and uses:

  • Activates the Crown Chakra: brings happiness, confidence, calmness, joy, healing, abundance and wealth, amplifies perception, removes energy blockages, removes toxins from the body, helps with feeling secure, and coming in contact with the ancient "ancestors".

  • Activates the Solar Plexus: aid's in regaining what is lost.

  • Has been used in conjunction with acupressure, acupuncture and Tai Chi practices

In a nutshell the Peacock Ore is a good stone to have to aid in removing insecurities, lack of perception, healing the mind & body, helps to remove toxins from the body (Copper content) and is a protective and clarity stone.

So aspire to see the world in a different light, meditate, and heal with the Peacock Ore!!!

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