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Comfrey Based Salves, Balms, and Creams.

Let's start out with a little history on the Comfrey Plant [Symphytum officinale]. Comfrey is a herb plant that is native to Europe and Asia. Comfrey has been used for centuries to aid in stopping heavy blood flow, bronchial issues, skin irritation, healing broken bones, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, muscle soreness and much more.

Comfrey contains a high amount of Allantoin and this compound in the plant has been said to help aid in skin cell growth. Allantoin is a compound that has anti-inflammatory and anti-redness in Comfrey that aids in soothing and healing many skin conditions. Comfrey contains a compound called Rosmarinic Acid which aids in anti-inflammation, anti-redness, and dryness. Comfrey is great for all skin types.

Possible Side Effects if ingested:

Comfrey Contains Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids which may cause liver damage. The FDA has band oral use in the United States due to possibility of liver damage. Comfrey skin products should never be used on deep open wounds or broken skin.

Pregnant women should avoid using any Comfrey products as with many essential oils and herbs for they can be hazardous while pregnant. Comfrey is not recommended for long term use on skin over 3 days in a row but that also depends on the thickness of your skin.


  • Hydrates Skin

  • May reduce fine lines

  • Removes toxic components from the skin

  • Aids in cellular regeneration

  • Soothes acne irritation

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Skin Restoration

  • may in the healing of scars

  • May prevent damage from the Sun along with SPF products

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This website contains some general information about plants that have traditionally been used as remedies, foods and cosmetics. The information provided on this website and our Blogs is not intended to replace the advice and care of a medical practitioner.

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